Cartridge World is your
printer cartridge specialist.

We offer all the leading brands in cartridges, printers, paper and more…

Cartridge World stores carry a large range of hardware and consumables to suit most home, office and educational needs.

To make savings even easier, we have a large range of Cartridge World Brand cartridges that have been recharged to fulfill your needs and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At Cartridge World, you can have ink, fax, photocopier and laser cartridges recharge for home and business use.

We offer the consumer an alternative to purchasing new whilst helping to save the environment.

  • OEM Inkjet Cartridges
  • OEM Laser Cartridges
  • Copier Cartridges
  • Fax Supplies
  • High Quality Specialty Paper
  • Cartridge World Compatible
  • Inkjet Cartridges

You get the same high quality without the high price of a new cartridge!

Ink Cartridges
At Cartridge World, we can recharge a large range of inkjet cartridges. Firstly we clean your cartridge, performing a visual check then refill your cartridge with the correct ink. Your cartridge is then tested on a printer to ensure the print quality is perfect. All inkjet cartridges we refill carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Laser Cartridges
At Cartridge World, we can recharge a large range of laser cartridges. The cartridge is checked for component wear and all parts replaced as needed. All laser cartridges we recharge carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fax Cartridges
Cartridge World also recharge a large range of fax machine cartridges. Some fax machine cartridges are toner, some are ink and some are thermal fax rolls. For toner cartridges we replace worn parts and test them before packaging offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also have a range of original after market thermal rolls at very competitive prices.

Photocopier Cartridges
Most Photocopier cartridges can be recharged. For photocopier cartridges, we completely recharge your cartridge and package it ready for you to use again. Some photocopiers just need the toner replaced. Cartridge World supply a range of these compatible toners at very competitive prices including a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Specialty Paper
Cartridge World supply various types of specialty papers designed to be used in conjunction with our high quality inks and range of Cartridge World.

Recharge Cartridges

When you run out of petrol, do you throw away the car…?It would be an expensive way of getting around. At Cartridge World, we have a solution to those high printer cartridge cost.Cartridge World is well established as the service that puts life back into empty ink, laser, fax and photocopier cartridges. We can recharge a huge range of leading brand name cartridges. We utilise our technical ‘know-how’ developed over the years and the resources of international suppliers to provide you with a product that will cost less than new and perform like the original.Our recharge service not only saves you money it is also beneficial to the environment as you put your cartridge back into your printer and not into landfill.

To ensure reliability and top quality, Cartridge World’s professionals remanufacture and refill inkjet cartridges to the highest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards using only premium parts, with toners, inks and technology sourced from top suppliers designed to match the specific requirements of your cartridge.

Every remanufactured ink cartridge from Cartridge World is cleaned and inspected for damage or wear, and then the ink cartridge is refilled and tested in a printer to assure the highest quality standards. Our quality is assured for any inkjet refill, whether a black ink cartridge or a color ink cartridge, or any inkjet printer.

We guarantee 100% that the cartridges serviced by Cartridge World will perform as well as the original.

100% Guarantee

We know how important it is for you to get high quality prints…whether you are printing family pictures or a sales presentation to land a new account. That’s why Cartridge World stands behind its work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We use the latest technology and processes to complete our jobs. Our technicians have been trained to use these technologies and processes to deliver dependable quality you can trust. Stores keep the appropriate inks and toners on hand to ensure we can recharge most any brand of cartridge.

We recharge all major brands including HP, Canon, Brother, Samsung, etc. We recharge inkjet cartridges for most home or small business printers, whether they are multi-function, colour or black and white. We recharge laser toner cartridges for most high speed copiers, full colour printers or all-in-one laser printers. We also recharge fax and copier cartridges.

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